hawthorne heights


I heard a Hawthorne Heights song for the first time in awhile. I never got into the emo scene, but I sure as fuck was into Hawthorne Heights. I don’t give a fuck what anybody said but Silence in Black and White was dope as hell. That’s really the only album I liked. That was the soundtrack of my senior year.

The critics probably hated them. It’s almost laughable how bad some of the lyrics were. But holy shit. When you’re a teenager, those lyrics are the most powerful shit.

It’s a testament to how great the 2000s were. Even when it was absolute shit, it fuckin ROCKED. It was after 9/11. George W. Bush was president and everybody fuckin hated him. You need that shit if you want to create dope ass art.

Plus, we forget how shitty G-Dub was. Hell yeah Trump gets unfairly criticized. When you compare him to W. Trump looks like goddamn Abraham Lincoln. I mean, he’s still a shitty president, but there’s really only been two or three good ones in the entire history of the office. And W’s tenure was WAY worse than Trump’s (so far at least). Remember that swift boating shit? A lot has been made about Trump making fun of McCain, but W and Karl Rove were way ahead of him on that shit. So if you’re a Republican running for president, your best bet is to make fun of a veteran. People love that shit. But the stress that W. put the nation through made the 2000s one of the dopest decades.

I remember BLASTING Hawthorne Heights while doing 180s down some backroads. It was in some shitty Alero. That shit was tight. My friends would give me dip. That would give me one hell of a buzz and I’d use my e-brake while going 9-0. Hell yeah dude. I fucked that car UP!

I had my first girlfriend during senior year. She was an emo. She didn’t like Hawthorne Heights though. I think she introduced me to drumming. I don’t remember how I got into that shit honestly. But she was into some deep cuts of bands I’ve never heard of. She was kinda cool. Didn’t have a sense of humor though.

I remember busting ass and laughing at the word ‘crank’. She’d just look at me. Maybe I just wasn’t funny. But thinking back on her, she reminds me of the activists I rub elbows with today. None of them are funny.

I dunno, life’s just shitty all of the time. You gotta fuckin laugh at it.

But sometimes I give that vibe. I read some of my old shit on here, and I think “holy shit I sound like a blow hard.” Honestly, I’m laughing at everything all the time. I hate life and can’t wait for it to end. Unfortunately being dead is boring. So I stay alive and mock everyone’s bullshit. Thankfully a lot of the unfunny people within my corner Leftdom are being laughed at and pushed out.

I talked shit about the DSA in the last post and essentially compared it the Tea Party. But it’s kids that are running the show. Young people just aren’t funny. It will be interesting to see how this movement will develop in 10 years when everyone’s in their 30s, been to rehab a few times, and popped out a few kids.

That’s when real change will occur, when everyone just admits that life is awful. When we stop jackin each other off and pretending that reading a few uplifting quotes will make everything better. The world can only get better when everyone’s tired of this shit.

Hawthorne Heights. Hell yeah.

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