everything sucks

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I got pissed off at work for nothing at all. I should probably get back on meds. 

Shit just angers me. 

I work with straight up rednecks. I mean, that’s fine. Whatever. You are who you are. It’s just annoying when people go out of their way to be an over-the-top stereotype. We’re all stereotypes I guess. I certainly am. I’m a stereotypical Reddit user. It’s just that rednecks are the most predictable of stereotypes: they love the south, stuff their faces with barbecue and dip, and have huge shitty looking beards. When they’re not being racist, their conversations are the most boring, generic shit. It’s the same bullshit everyday.

There was just one problem: I was working alone. I talked to absolutely NO ONE that day.

I’m developing anger issues. I’m not really angry at anything in particular. I’m pissed off at everything. Even the things I like I’m beginning to hate. I fucking hate Star Trek. Remember? I used to love that shit. But when I reflect on it, especially the most recent crap, I’ve come to realize that it’s not very good. ST09 was actually a bad movie. It’s depressing.

I don’t know what happened.

Well…actually I do kinda know. And the answer is predictable: it’s the fuckin internet. It’s taught me to hate everything.

What’s odd is that is that I started writing this post a couple days ago. When I sat down to finish it today, one of my favorite podcasts, Cum Town, went off the goddamned rails. Well, the podcast didn’t, but is host Nick Mullen appeared to have done so. And if he didn’t, the subreddit certainly did. After coming out of a deep dark depression, Mullen realized that a lot his fans were douchebags and told them to leave comedian Tom Myers alone. Only Nick and his friends were allowed to make fun of him. Tom caught wind of this and effectively zinged Nick. The subreddit turned into a civil war. So everything, including my dumbest guilty pleasure, has turned to shit.

It’s a sad day when Tom Myers is funnier than Nick Mullen.

It’s a good day too because you get to see an entire fanbase shit their pants.

But things just aren’t cool anymore. Not even the DSA. I had a realization that the DSA isn’t that different from the alt-right. Both groups seemed to have been forged by cynical internet subculture and both have a strange obsession with wanting to say the n-word. Sure, leftist groups don’t like the think they’re racist, but they’re still angry white kids. Annoying angry white kids too.  What the fuck’s up with wired-framed glasses? I mean, I agree with their politics, so I’m unfortunately married to this group of lunatics, but it doesn’t make my life easier. I can’t shake the feeling that the DSA of 2018 is just the Tea Party of 2009 or whenever that shit was popular. The Tea Party just dissolved into the alt-right and I imagine large swaths of the DSA will face a similar fate. Donald Trump will probably win a second term (although it’s been weeks since I’ve watched/read anything in the news, so Donald Trump might not even be president anymore) which will finish off establishment Democrats and give rise to the “alt-left” (for a lack of a better description) and they will probably do something stupid like nominate Nick Mullen for president in 2024.  If that happens, I say HELL YEAH! but in reality no radical change would have been implemented. And worse yet, we’d all be dumber because of it. Fuck this shit.

In fact, if you’re politically engaged at all, the joke’s on you. Call me crazy, because I am, but when I see problems my immediate thought is: “this really should be fixed.” And that should be the motivation for anyone wishing to get into politics. Things have been shaken up recently, the Right/Left of today isn’t your dad’s Right/Left. Successes within the DSA, particularly with the nomination of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, have spurred hoped within the ranks. Many believe that change is actually underway. But when many take the attitude that politics is a game of dominance, (as a few talking heads in the DSA openly believe) that’s just more of the same shit. Nothing changes, problems are deemed non-existent or irrelevant. We’re just re-gifting the same turd in a different package.

So basically we’re all fucked and everything sucks.

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