who cares?

The only way to survive today is to be stupid.

Mark Levin was yelling on the radio when I came into work. Someone was blasting his annoying voice. I don’t think conservatives actually listen to him. They just have him playing in the background because it makes them feel smart. To be fair, he makes me feel smart too. I usually tune him out, but then I started hearing some familiar terms: “absolute spirit” and some bullshit. I thought “what the fuck is this guy talking about?”.

Then he said it: “Hegel”.

Hegel? HEGEL?!

Well that explains it.

I guess Levin was trying to explain to his audience why Marxism and leftism is a threat to the constitution or some shit. I’m not sure though. Maybe one of his fans can explain to me why he was talking about a widely disfavored philosopher.

But this is why I quit writing about philosophy: Fuckin nerds.

Conservatives have somewhat revived the popularity of philosophy. They like to think of themselves as successors in the Enlightenment tradition. Those ideals are, after all, the foundations in the American tradition. At least they like to think they are. So they cling to this foundationalism/fundamentalism and they mistakenly project that onto their opponents.

Conservatives believe that all leftist, liberals, atheists, etc hold Darwin, Marx, and Derrida with the same reverence that they hold the Bible and Constitution. Some like to blame Christianity for this flaw in conservative reasoning, but that’s not entirely correct. The nature of conservatism and reactionary thought is to appeal to, and preserve, authority. They could just well support Islam had Muslims come to America first. So this appeal to authoritative texts is deeply engrained into right-wing discourse.

Therefore we have this prevalence of pseudo-intellectuals like Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, and everyone at the National Review, because they all fancy themselves as stuffy armchair philosophers.

So whenever someone brings up Nietzsche or Kant, they sound like my man here:

Fuckin nerds ruin everything.

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