sorry sir

addiction aid bottle capsule
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An automated call from my pharmacy tells me to come in because they had a few questions. So I sacrificed valuable porno time to stop by. Then the girl at the front desk tells me

“Sorry sir. Your doctor is no longer filling this prescription.”

“Who was fucking filling that prescription?”, I thought. Then it occurred to me: “those assholes”.

I called them up.

“Look mother fuckers”, I told them, “I’m crazy. CRAZY. I need those drugs!”

“Sorry sir, but we have to monitor you with regular check ups. You must have a psychiatrist before that prescription can be filled.”

“I’ve been waiting months for a psychiatrist! And you assholes nearly let me drown in a hurricane. I haven’t ran my car off a bridge. I haven’t licked a hobos asshole for coke. I say I’m progressing nicely. Just fill the prescription and we’ll call it even!”

“We just can’t do that sir”.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

So I left and found the nearest hobo.

The end.

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