10 rulz 4 sucksess- a antidot 4 unsuccess

someone asked me if I was ok. I said no. im still depressed for no fuckin reason at all. that’s why my posts have been shitty. don’t worry tho. that’s how I express myself. I type whatever stopid thing pops into my head. 

blur bottle bright candle
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

hi everybodee!

2day we r gonna talk about how 2 b sucksessful n r lifes. u shud be askin me bc I make 6 figures tellin ppl how 2 make $$$. I hold phd in sykology @ yale and mba @ penn.

yung ppl cum up 2 me and ask “hey wes, I jus gradated from collage. wat shud I do 2 find success?’ I al ways tell them: “u shud always do wat ur employur asks u 2 do. if ur boss waats 2 c ur penus, u must show them. when I was a inturn @ whoreton skool of biznass, I worked on wahl street. mi boss told me 2 putt kwarters n pennies in hiz ass. I did so wit g8 pleasure untill he dyed of led poisoning 4 having 2 many dimes n his ass 😦

2day I xpect the same from mi inturns and they kontenue to put pennies in my butt.

otter ppl ass me “wat if I want 2 run my own businass? how can I cree8 a produkt that will satisfi custermers?”

im all about satisfactshun.  like puting monee in to ur bosses ass, u must b wiling to suck the costumer off 2 compleeshun. swurl the sperm around n ur mouth and sho it back 2 te costomer. let tham kno that u injoyed havin there peenus in ur mouth.  sukksess is all aboot goin above n beeond

so follo my 10 rulz 4 life:

  1. some times u hav 2 put things n ppls butz
  2. allways suck the consumer off
  3. tickle the ballz 2
  4. swallow
  5. never cry
  6. if u do cri, keep it 2 urself
  7. despise every1
  8. jus lie aboot everythin
  9. denial is healthy
  10. some day u will die.


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