thanks cum town!

thanks for reminding me of my favorite moment of the Obama years

No. 44 once told a trans Mexican woman heckling him “youre in my house bitch!”.

Then the crowd cheers and chants “Obama!”

Remember that shit? And all the liberals were like “how dare a fuckin trans Mexican protest the fuckin prez. stooped fuckin bitch.”

And she was protesting him because of all the deporting that he…more than any other president…was doing. Classic.

so thanks Obama! Thanks for creating the very institutions that allow our current deranged president to do his stupid shit.

or maybe we should be thankful that Trump got elected. Cuz if Hillary got it, the masses might not have ever learned about the concentration camps for kids or be outraged by the modern gestapo known as ICE.

so thanks again Cum Town!

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