best shit on youtube

Ive logged millions of hours watching bullshit on youtube. The best shit is are the ghost and demon vids. Theres a subtitle art to them that’s unappreciated.

A message to all of the kids that want to make their own ghost vid: less is more. Don’t halfass it either…don’t use cgi. People can smell that shit a mile away. Always use practical effects when possible. Some like to oversell it…not necessary. If you want to spook the shit out of people…keep it short n simple.

Here are the best examples:

I don’t know what the fuck is up with this video. Is it an actual news report? Who the hell knows. But when that kid got dragged? Sure i’ll buy that.


I vaguely recall there being a better resolution of this video somewhere on the internet. Oh well. I don’t have time to look for that shit.


Something very subtitle was done here. When the “alien” is frozen on the roof, it looks pretty, well…alien. Once when it moves, it suddenly turns back into a naked man. Still though, there was some decent alien sound effects and if you listen closely, you can hear the cameraman begin to breath heavy when he discovers the creature. So these guys did an excellent job or someone in Mexico has a perv neighbor. Either way, it makes you stop and say ‘shit!’.


An old one but a good one. I’ve seen a few breakdowns of this video. Apparently you can see the ‘ghost’ in a window as they’re walking up to the house. This one is good for several reason. Probably because it might be genuine.

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