Man of the Century…a dark century

We don’t get to choose our internet fates. It choses us.

Of course being in a drunken stupor for a half decade, and only using the web to post shitty poetry and podcasts , I missed much of what the internet had to offer. Sorry if you’ve heard of Chris Chan, the most well-documented person who ever lived, but I only learned who she is yesterday. Boy did I learn a lot.

I say ‘she’ out of respect to how she, Chris, identifies now. Much of her fame came from when she was a ‘he’. Perhaps this is common knowledge. Don’t know because it’s not covered in this documentary:

I only learned of Chris when scrolling Cum Town’s subreddit. Apparently she was recently kicked out of some gaming convention for being too handsy, to put it mildly, with other gamers. No sane person would condone her behavior. Chris, in both male and female forms, has a long history of outrageous interactions with others. (Chris also maced a game store employee, hit someone with a car, and has held unsavory views)

As stated in the documentary, and I’m sure Chris would tell you, she has high-functioning autism. People have heard my arguments about so-called “disorders”. I prefer not to think of them that way. And I still stand by that. Nevertheless, people need help with adapting to modern civilization…now more than ever. Both “sane” people and those with “disorders” need this. Technology has created such a barrier and we’re all struggling to keep up…particularly those with “disorders” that society disfavors. So, I’m in agreement with the documentarian: the story of Chris Chan is a tragic one.

At first I thought Chris was something created in the internet’s collective imagination. But this is a real person, which makes the trolling and bullying…and our obsession…all the more morbid.


It’s obvious that Chris’s towering achievement, Sonichu, lacks…to put it nicely…certain creative benchmarks. But the Internet stepped up, partially filled in the creative gaps, and subsequently mythologized it. We can say that the Internet was just trolling Chris. But when this trolling turns into obsession, can obsession evolve into passion?

Watch this:

It’s a joke right now. But A LOT of time and energy has been put into this. Entire documentaries, books probably, and countless blogs have been dedicated towards the study of Sonichu and Chris Chan. It might be decades, centuries even, before scholars realize that this might be the largest piece of interactive art ever constructed despite the questionable behavior of all parties involved.

As for Chris Chan, sometimes we don’t get to choose who best represents us. When historians reflect on our time, they’re going to see in Chris Chan someone that was lost, needed help, had lots to say…yet found no sympathy from the marauding hordes that roamed the Internet. We despise Chris because WE ARE Chris.

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