dik pic

Sorry i huffed gasoline and forgot to write a post. Btw, you should only watch Fox News after huffing gasoline.

Bryan kilmeed on focks newz is a gosh darn genus. he prob went 2 yale lik me. i dont lik 2 cuss cuz i want this 2 b a famly blog. i lik steeve ducy 2. i wish mor ppl wach focks newz. my kidz get madd @ me wen i do. they call me raysist wen i wach n laff focs newz. it makes me cri 4 r kuntry the amerikas ov the United stats.

the prez of Us trump can do n say wat he wants 2 cuz hes doin wats best 4 r cuntree. my kidz get madd @ me cuz i send mi dik pics 2 they’re teechers bc they mayk mee hawt n my pantz. the poleece told mee 2 stop. i dont lik were this cuntree is goin. my gpa fot n ww2 and he xposed his penus 2 every bodie. i suxed on penus @ yale butt that dos not meen im gay. Bein gayz is not wot the bible tells us 2 do.

if the prez shitz on live tv, every one should drop there pantz and spread there anus. poop should fall out of r buttz. This is amerika and we shud stand 4 r presidunt. bryab killmeed only kares abt brown babys that cum out of his azzhole. he liks wite babys that cum out of his peehole 2

thats just my opinion imo


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