80s Rehash: Fine Young Cannibals

No one ever reads this shit…

And I know that there are terrible things going on in the world. Unfortunately, it was the neoliberal triumph of the 1980s that we have to thank for most of these troubles.

But despite Reagan. Despite the rise of Donald Trump. Despite US interference in Central America that contributed to the immigration situation we have today…I fuckin’ love the 80s.

Thank God I wasn’t old enough to experience any of it. With cocaine and alcohol flowing freely…I would have died. So I was placed on this earth at the right time.

But people want to come at me with this whole 80s vs. 90s shit. I remember most of the 90s. There were a few cool things. But it was just a bland decade. It was the time between the Cold War and the War on Terror. The 90s lacked any major social anxiety. That shit is necessary if you want to create vibrant or memorable pop culture. Was it a bad decade? I don’t know about “bad”. Weak? Absolutely.


I usually spend my Thursday mornings surfing YouTube. I’m a fucking boss like that. Of course, everyone remembers She Drives Me Crazy. But the band Fine Young Cannibals was incredible. The album The Raw & the Cooked, released in 1989, is one of the great forgotten gems of the decade (in the United States, at least).

So I’m just giving a shoutout to FYC and the beautiful, BEAUTIFUL man that is Roland Gift:


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