Just Say No

close up of computer keyboard
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Sure, hyper politicalization is a problem. But you know what will save us? Good old-fashioned American indifference.

Yet we like to believe we’re more divided than we’ve ever been. It appears that way. Is the Trump Presidency America’s darkest hour? We survived a Nixon presidency. I seem to recall a time when one senator beat the shit out of another on the Senate floor. There was a Civil War. There’s been MANY, MANY corrupt presidents and politicians. But we’re still standing. Not because America is a resilient country, but because we’re special…special in a way that no other country is: we don’t give a fuck.

That’s what will save us. It’s our worst quality. It’s also our saving grace.

So don’t worry. Indifference will prevail.

So I stopped worrying about Trump. Those of you who still are, it’s okay. He was bound to happen eventually. He’s a reflection of our own narcissistic, attention-seeking, loud-mouth tendencies. Like him, we like to talk tough, but when pressed upon, we come to find out that we stand for nothing at all. Because we don’t care. We’re only concerned with ratings, views, and likes. They say Obama captured the zeitgeist. But Trump is a far better representation of that zeitgeist than Obama ever was.

That’s not a compliment on contemporary life.

But this illusion of divisiveness and ultra partisanship is fostered by our addiction to social media. In days before the Internet, it was possible to never know the political opinions of acquaintances and co-workers. Now we know where everyone stands. And Donald Trump acts as gasoline to these fiery arguments.

But the thing is, once when these arguments are brought offline and we discuss them face-to-face, we again find that we don’t care or agree far more than what we’re comfortable admitting. Like Trump, we can talk a big game on Twitter. But get us in a room face-to-face…we just want to be liked.

Someone suggested that I rejoin Twitter, Facebook, etc, in order to boost followers. I just couldn’t do it. I’ve been telling people to STOP using them. And in this hyper politicized America, if we want to maintain our sanity, it’s as important as ever to STAY off of them.

(Sure, this blog might be considered a form of social media. But let’s not overthink this. Okay?)

I don’t miss it.

Just say no.

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