Rage and Loathing in Suburbia

Remember that time when Rand Paul’s neighbor tackled him?

Here’s an article from Slate that provides more information on that incident.

It gave me a good chuckle.

If you want an insight into how upper-middle/lower-upper class, middle-to-retirement aged, white men (or the backbone of Trump-supporting America) interact with one another…there’s a classic example. Adam Carolla, another guy that’s in this “world owes me everything” demographic, has similar experiences with his neighbors (minus the tackling…presumably). I grew up in these delusional neighborhoods, or the stomping grounds of lawyers, doctors, and small business owners.

They hate each other.

It makes sense…when you’re indoctrinated with the neoliberal ideology that “everyone is a potential competitor”, how easy can it be living next door to your rival? Suddenly, these aren’t “homes”, but are public displays of narcissism. Your house, yard, vehicles, and family cease to become good in-themselves, but are pawns in petty warfare against your peers.

There’s nothing neighborly about these neighborhoods. They’re just another battleground to be dominated.

So no one wants to talk to each other. Heaven forbid. And easily avoidable confrontations, like tackling a standing US Senator, occur because, well “talking it out” just isn’t dominating enough.

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