More iPhone Notes!

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Fuck this blog!

It’s a thorn in my side.

“No one’s making you write it, Wes.”, you might be thinking.

Shut the fuck up. Yes they are.

I promised myself that I would be taking a break from the blog. But old habits die hard. As I was going through my iPhone, I once again came across a few notes that I don’t recall taking. When I don’t have a computer or paper available, I’ll just jot down something on my phone with the intention of returning to it later. Many times, I forget all about it. I won’t see the note again till months later. That’s the case with these two notes. Now I’m sharing them with you.

1. Lost time can never be found

Is this a saying?

2. Dick made reference of the Abrahamic notion of “corrupt creation” as being the Big Lie. It’s toxic to assume that this world is corrupt and the only salvation is through an otherworldly grace. It permits the believer to forgo the present and live an existence of denial. This denial also allows an empty set of morality, where the believer is forced out of fear to give into altruism. This blind faith provides a mindless adherence to doctrine rather than in active engagement with logic and reason.

I’m pretty sure that I was reading Phillip K. Dick’s Exegesis at the time. I think Dick was making reference towards people of faith performing acts of altruism. Those acts aren’t coming from a genuine desire for your wellbeing, but are instead motivated by fear. Zizek’s Less Than Nothing mentions something similar in the first section:

Such a perverse logic was brought to its peak by Nicolas Malebrache, for whom, in the same that the saintly person uses the suffering of others to bring about his own narcissistic satisfaction in helping those in distress, God ultimately loves only himself, and merely uses man to promulgate himself” (p. 66-67)

So, there’s that…

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