Mr. Hawthorne (Part II)

So I was in the Dairy Queen parking lot blasting the shit out of Loverboy’s Get Lucky when someone yelled “Loverboy sucks!”

“Coward! Show yourself!”, I declared.

An old man appeared from the bushes and said “I didn’t fight in Korea for that bullshit.”

I kicked him in the chest and said “that one’s for Mike Reno”. Then I elbow-dropped him on the face. “That one’s for Matt Frenette.”

Then I heard a menacing laugh. Out of the shadows appeared the greatest drummer/songwriter of all time: Neil Peart.

“Well done, Mr. Hawthorne. Well done.”, he told me. “But Loverboy is no match for the true sound of Canada: Rush. Bend the knee. Bow before me and I will make you the fourth member of our group. Together we will rule the airwaves!”

“Fuck no! Loverboy all the way!”, I replied. Then I jumped in my car and sped off through a playground full of children.

“You will join us, Mr. Hawthorne.”, Neil Peart said. “You will join us…”

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