The Necessity of Power

I can visit coffee shops. Walk around college campuses. Take a stroll in the park…and no one will bat an eye.

But not everyone is afforded the same luxury…

In my last episode of It Gets Worse, I briefly mentioned that the nature of conservative thought is to bolster the old regime…or to suppress any new order. So it’s no wonder that white guys are wondering into coffee shops and yelling at people for speaking Spanish.

This shit’s been going on for ages.

No one likes to lose power. Whenever there’s the appearance of a loss of power in exchange for a new order (in this case, the appearance of a “white order” being replaced by a Spanish-speaking one) these sorts of violent or inflammatory exchanges are inevitable. But here in the States, the white order still very much controls the cards.

There is no state-sponsored organization that’s out to get whitey. The criminal justice system still overwhelmingly prosecutes minorities. ICE operates as a Gestapo-like force against immigrants. The worst that white men have to put up with is going online and watch everyone talk shit about them.

“But illegals are living here under my dime!”, boo fucking hoo. When I hear that shit, I think of a child: “The United States is mine damn it! MINE! NOT YOURS!”

Since I don’t do research, I’ll take everyone at their word when they say the demographics of the United States is changing. And of course it’s causing people like that guy in the video to shit himself. So the reactionary forces against the political power of non-whites (or the potential thereof) is growing louder.

Political elites have long enlisted the poor white working class as foot soldiers in their crusade….keeping them stupid and ignorant of the fact that they too are being ripped off in the pursuit of the American Dream. But they keep them in line by telling them: “America is yours.”

It’s a ridiculous notion.

I did nothing to become American. It was given to me. I didn’t earn it.

Immigrants, on the other hand, did more to become American than I ever did. So the dipshit in the video must be jealous that they’re more American than he is.


3 thoughts on “The Necessity of Power

  1. People like this man are such a hindrance because they give conservatives a bad reputation. Most people who lean conservative would not agree at all with his behavior, attitude, or comments, and so this situation is kind of low hanging fruit since its probably just a narcissist on a coked out racist rant.
    People go on stupid rants all the time about white people and their privilege so the personal attacks fly in both directions.


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