“It Gets Worse” Episode 3- Incels and Feminists: Why Can’t We All Get Along? (Amended)


When reflecting on this episode, I misspoke on several things. When we consider the vitriol that feminism is exposed to, most of the hate undoubtedly comes from men and Incels. If you don’t believe me, spend 2 minutes on Reddit. It does not come from women as I stated. What I was trying to covey is that conservatives and anti-feminists seemingly affirm the worst of Incel nightmares by continuing to believe and promote antiquated notions of masculinity and femininity. Unfortunately, I chose to use a handful of conservative women to highlight this point. That just looks bad on my part.

To further clarify, Incels created their own mess. My point was that feminists offered a way out, but are told in general to reject it in favor of traditional ideals of masculinity… an ideal that they themselves feel  unable to measure up to. So Incels and anti-feminist men are trapped in this cycle of bullshit, a cycle that they’re unable to break.

Like I said, this is a bullshit problem. I don’t know why I’m obsessed with it.

Additionally, I’ve taken down the  episode. I’ll explain some of that next week.

My apologies to those that listened to it.

There are days when I look out the window and wonder “why am I not exploring the world?”.

I could have been somebody. Anybody. Instead I’m doing a podcast about sexually frustrated men.

Perhaps the world will thank me later.

But the world won’t. Because talking about incels have broke my will. They broke my will to do this podcast. And they almost broke my will to blog. 

If the world should thank me for anything, it’s reminding them to live their life. Explore the planet. Be kind to others. And love unconditionally. 

We’ve seen the Internet. Use it responsibly. 

Don’t lose your sanity.



group hand fist bump
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

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