Down the Lonely Road of Modern Life

I’m mentally depleted. So I’m just going to show this video and (hopefully) won’t have much to say.

I said previously that I view mental health awareness as more than just than just awareness of personal suffering. These “disorders” aren’t personality defects, they’re as natural as the color of our eyes, skin, hair, etc. Except certain conditions are more favorable economically than others, and unfavorable ones are labeled “disorders” by the medical community. These states or conditions have been with humanity since the beginning (particularly depression) but are only now becoming problems.

Of course, my preference for the theoretical and speculative over empirical research means that I’m probably wrong more often than right. But there you have it….

There are a variety of reasons for how it got to be this way. I’ve typically stated that this is the result of neoliberalism, poor medical diagnosis and practice, and unprecedented technological advancements that have revolutionized social interaction. This has been both good and bad, but has unfortunately pushed large swaths of people into isolation.

As a result, we are devoid of any meaning in our lives.

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