Incel Mania!


In the middle of writing this, my brain started to hurt. I’ll admit, this might be the dumbest problem I’ve had to address. But here we are, in 2018.  I don’t care if this is terribly written. I was just trying to finish the damn thing. 

Incels are hot, Hot, HOT right now. An asshole in Canada rams his van into a bunch of pedestrians, and a few writers think “maybe this guy had a point.” A discussion on “sex redistribution” is now a thing. Everyone but nerdy economists are on a rush to scorn it. It’s the only time when puritans like David French and Ben Shapiro along with Leftists Mary Elizabeth Williams and Chapo Trap House can agree on the stupidity of something (for vastly different reasons, naturally).

I’ve spent the last month mocking the shit out of “men’s rights movements”, the pick-up community, Jordan Peterson, and anyone that appeals to the male sense of persecution. But I think Williams, Chapo, and myself were burying the lead: in the age of the internet, the inability to find a mate or get laid can have disastrous consequences. This isn’t a “sex inequality” problem, this is a straight up mental health concern.

As much as we wish that Incels and similar MRMs exist solely on the fringe, like they have in the past, I’m not convinced that they still are. Was my attitude towards them ill-advised? Perhaps (not that I give a shit). And the reasons for this are two-fold: much of what I have tried to do on this blog is attempt to de-stigmatize mental health concerns. Secondly, my larger aim is to frame mental health within a socio-political context….meaning that depression, etc, are not disorders as such, but are economically undesired mental states.

Williams underlined the problem within her Salon post: sexually isolated men are far more violent than their female counterparts. Nothing is more terrifying and politically disrupting than a community of angry men. There has always been sexually isolated men. BUT the Internet provides them a platform for unity. Perhaps the Left should have seen this coming. I’ve pointed this finger one too many times. But because this went unaddressed, this allowed a gaping hole for various charlatans and pick-up artists to walk through and validate incel alienation. Their hatred of women is a symptom. The disease is isolation, loneliness, which can become exasperated in the digital age. Mental disorders can be an underlying cause, or the result, of sexual isolation.

My larger concern is whether or not incels, and incel related groups, can ever become a viable political movement. I know that sounds ridiculous AT THE MOMENT although they are receiving attention from a handful of academics. HOWEVER, I always felt that anti-feminism was primarily fueling alt-right sentiments…far more so than racism. Normies typically don’t follow racists. But anti-feminism? That’s much more palatable. This just goes to show how far women have to go.

Should we continue to mock incel ideology? Totally! I certainly will. But it’s obvious what the problem is: these guys are just upset because attractive women aren’t into them. Women should meet THEIR expectations, but they shouldn’t meet women’s. The other problem is that sooner or later, isolation exasperated by economic inequality and the digitalization of social interaction will break the dam.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

The solution isn’t this dumbass “sex redistribution”. It’s fucking mental health awareness. It’s going outside of your house and interacting with people. Don’t worry, we’re all weird. We’re all lonely. Everyone’s looking for something that’s real.

And capitalism sucks!


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