After the Revolution


Okay, I’ve spent too much time involved in internet subculture. I picked sides. I picked fights.

It meant nothing.

The question I keep coming back to is: can one live off politics alone?

We’re all embedded into this societal matrix. It clouds everything that we see. It even obscures the chains that hold us down. We’re locked into the world of capital, careers, our homes, and even ourselves. An individualist ethic has told us that our neighbors are our enemy. We’ve allowed the psychopaths to run the asylum. The shit wheel keeps spinning, and we’re not getting off anytime soon.

How could we?

It’s all we’ve ever known. We literally can’t imagine a different world….or at least to do so means to question the very nature of logic and reason. We’re trapped and we cheer the corporate overlords who carry the key.

Another calamity will occur. And we’ll make the same mistakes over and over and over again until the pump runs dry. Then the slaves will be left with the bill.

That’s how this works. And the masses applaud their own ignorance and cowardice. Welcome to the American Dream.

So…if that tells you anything about how I feel. Obviously spending too much time on the internet has ruined my mental health. Jon Stewart was terrible during his last few years on The Daily Show. It was more anger and contempt than humor. It’s easy to understand that now. It’s easy to understand why ALL political pundits are pieces of shit. I feel that I better understand Ben Shapiro than I do my brother. The world of political subculture is a terrible, terrible place.

No one can maintain their sanity for very long. It’s why the media elites in Washington, both Left and Right, have a better connection with each other than they do mainstream America. It’s why that place seems more like a foreign land than the nation’s capital. It’s the center of the black hole where the rules of physics breakdown. There’s no escape. No one can survive that. It’s psychologically damaging. And no one understands that better than a fellow Washington insider.

It’s the same way on the internet. It’s a cesspool of pure nerdist rage. I’d rather respond to a hate comment than a text from my mother. I imagine others feel the same way. We need each other. We thrive off the hate we provide one another. Then it becomes harder and harder to relate to the real world. That’s not healthy.

To dwell in this perpetual state of revolution is mind-numbing. We get psyched about the fight. Then we forget there’s a day after…a day when the battle has been won and peace has been restored. That, above all, is the most important step in the revolution.

The realm of politics, ideas, philosophy, logic, whatever operate in service to the process of living life….of spending time with loved ones, of exploring nature, of pursuing meaning and happiness…not the other way around.

To live for politics, ideas, philosophy, logic, etc. IS, my friends, a road to nowhere.

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