Introducing the “It Gets Worse” Podcast


So I was trying to fall asleep when I decided to listen to some ASMR on YouTube. Then this video popped up in my suggestions:

I’ll admit, that opening song is kinda funny. BUT, this guy quickly pissed me off with the concern over sexualization of ASMR. Who gives a shit?

He was just pissed off at his boner. The internet is populated with these guys. NO DOUBT that he reads Jordan Peterson.

I realized that something had to be done. I realized that there had to be a message out there for young men. There had to be someone out there to tell these guys to stop being pissed off at women. It’s not their fault that you have a shitty personality.

I knew right then: I had to get back into podcasting. Else these young men were going to rise up, restore the patriarchy, and make Jordan Peterson president. I couldn’t let that happen. Thus, the It Gets Worse podcast was born.

Sorry for the shitty audio quality. I’m working on that, along with getting some artwork. But let’s see how this first episode goes….


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