“Low Road”: Chapter 12


Low Road was a novel-sized draft that I completed a few years ago. It was terrible. But because it was the only story I’ve ever written, I’ve been re-evaluating it. I’ve taken out a lot of unnecessary bullshit to make it presentable.

Recap: Rod Townshend is 24 year old alcohol, drug, and sex addict living with Jeanne. Jeanne is an older businesswoman that’s been using Rod as a prostitute. Living under the same roof is Jeanne’s son, the timid Philip, and his girlfriend…a slacker named Angel. Rod has also been ghostwriting for the burned out writer Jack Schilling, a fellow addict. While Jeanne’s away on a business trip, Rod and Angel throw a party at her house. Things get carried away. Rod and Angel end up sleeping together. Philip also has a dilemma….

Chapter 12

“Can you keep a secret?”, Philip asked.
“Pretty sure.”
“I, uh, I lost my virginity last night.”
“It wasn’t with Angel though.”
“What happened?”
“I started hanging out with Jeremy and another girl. We were drinking some. Then we started talking about sex and they found out that I was a virgin. Then they both started sucking me off. It was strange dude.”

“That’s cool!”, I said. I didn’t give a shit about this. I was still looking for Angel.

“I had sex with a dude, Rod. I don’t think that I’m gay. But what if I am? I can’t join the Army now!”, Philip continued.
“Calm down!”, I replied. “The military doesn’t care about those things anymore. It happens. Don’t worry about it.”
“It happens? Have you been with a man before?”
“It doesn’t matter” I said, “I’m not going to tell Angel. I’m not going to tell anyone. This is the 21st century. I don’t care what you do.”

I asked Philip if he knew where Angel was. He told me that she goes home on Sundays. I tried to bury her in the back of my mind. I went Jack’s place and kept my mind focused. I remained sober throughout much of the day. I didn’t want to return to Jeanne’s place. But when I got there, not even Phillip was present. It was the first time I was at the house by myself. I tried calling Taryn. No one answered.

Around 10 o’clock, a car pulled up to the driveway. It was Angel with Phillip. They both acted as if nothing had happened. In fact, they appeared more affectionate towards each other. The three of us carried on as usual, only Angel wasn’t as touchy-feely. We both woke up early the next morning.

“Can I talk to you outside?” I asked.

She agreed. We both put on our heavy jackets. I was a little nervous.

“This doesn’t have to be weird between us.”, I said.
“You’re the one being weird.”
“I don’t want you to think that I was using you. I don’t know if we have something between us. I think that you’re cool, we seem to get along. We don’t have to stay here, we could go somewhere else…”
“What are you talking about? I’m with Phillip.”
“Why? He’s a fucking loser. He’s not going anywhere in life!”
“You’re not going anywhere in life! You’re a drunk. You have no ambitions. I imagine that YOU ARE the kind of guy that uses women. I just had a weak moment. So let’s leave it at that.”
“He slept with two people that night!”
“I slept with you! He told me all about it. He told me how badly he felt. I watched him go into his room with them. That’s when I decided I was going to fuck you!”
“What do you see in him?”
“I don’t have to tell you, Rod. I don’t owe you anything.”

Angel then turned around and opened the front door.

“Does he know about us?” I asked.

She gave a long pause.


Jack and I completed the book a few weeks later. Taryn was also ignoring me. Then I received a call from her. She wanted me to stop by her trailer. When I did, we wasted no time fucking.

“Do you want to stay in this trailer forever?”, I asked her.
“Fuck no!”
“Where do you wanna go?”

I also wanted to be there. Then the money dried up.

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