Philosophy Revived! (Unfortunately)

(For the record, I enjoyed this guy’s critique. Although I say “fuck Derrida and Marx” later on, I’m not mocking him. He’s only doing what I’m guilty of along with countless others: being too nerdy)

Good news!

Courtesy of Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris and the boogeyman that’s postmodernism, philosophy has been revived!

Now the bad news:

Everyone is so out of practice, that we sound like a bunch of nerds.

Every time I write a philosophy-related post, I instantly regret it. There’s so much bullshit out there. I only learned who Stephen Hicks is yesterday. But apparently he’s pretty well known. Who would’ve fuckin thought?

But Shapiro posted an article at the National Review today (which you can read here), praising the intellectual, anti-PC movement of Harris and Peterson…claiming that people are naturally drawn to “truth” and “data” or some bullshit like that. Keep telling yourself that Ben. Look, I don’t have a problem with labeling Peterson and Harris as intellectuals. Go ahead and call Harris a “philosopher”. But it should always be alarming when the Right starts embracing these guys.

When your motivation in politics is to reserve the right to hate minorities, like Ben Shapiro, everyone should feel a little bit uncomfortable when they attempt to be “intellectual.”

To be fair, the Left and those that know better have taken to YouTube and elsewhere to call out this bullshit. But again, the problem is we sound like dorks. We get angry if they get Derrida or Marx wrong. We cry out “logical fallacy!”. We don’t actually discuss ideas.

And the good news is, at least if you’re on the Left and/or not a psychopath, you don’t have to read Derrida, Marx, or anyone! You don’t have to know what a logical fallacy is. Do you want to create a better world where a small segment of the population owns most of the wealth? Where people don’t have to worry about dying because they don’t have healthcare? Where you don’t have to hate your neighbors because they make more money than you? Where people in general are equal, happier, and better off? You might disagree with the specifics of how to achieve that, but if you want a better world….then hey! You have all the tools you need!

Guys like Ben Shapiro essentially say nothing, where they exclusively attack the “PC Left”, because it conceals their true contempt. He doesn’t talk about ideas, because if he did, he would be exposed for the hatemonger that he is. So he attacks the Left, attacks “cultural Marxism”, attacks “postmodernism”, because it distracts you from the blackness of his soul. Shapiro has no ideas, all he has is hate.

So hey, it’s cool that a few Right-leaning figures have revived philosophy to justify their hate. But in response, the Left doesn’t have to jump down that rabbit hole with them. Fuck Derrida. Fuck Marx. And yes, dare I say….fuck Kant! No one but a handful of nerds (like me) care.

Just talk about the ideas.


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