Remembering (And Hopefully Forgetting) David DeAngelo And The “Pick-Up Artists” (And Their BS)


Thanks to Angela Nagle, I’ve been obsessing over internet subcultures and the rise of the Alt-Right.

Over the last few weeks, I assumed that the Alt-Right had been exposed for the horseshit that it is, thanks in part to the lunacy of the Trump presidency and Charlottesville. Milo Yiannopoulos is persona non grata. InfoWars seems more like Stephen Colbert-esque satire than a news/opinion platform. Everyone recognizes Gavin McInnis and Mike Cernovich as the sad sacks of shit that they are. And we haven’t really heard much out of Richard Spencer either. Sure, we still have lingering turds like Jordan Peterson dispensing advice, but he seems miles away from his predecessors of years earlier. Thanks to a Trump White House (and the Democratic nomination of Hillary Clinton), the Far-Left went renegade and seemingly re-took control of the “Culture Wars” online which liberals claimed to have won years earlier.

And they did win. They were so successful that the Alt-Right had to adopt their strategies by eschewing Christian Evangelicals and the Establishment Right. Meanwhile, under the 8 years of Obama, liberaldom got lazy while the Right grew pissed. In another lazy move, the DNC nominated Hillary Clinton in what they thought was an open dunk, but she was blocked by the troll of trolls himself…Donald Trump. Neoliberals clung-on to their lukewarm piss of a platform, while the DSA-friendly Far-Left took to the web and the streets to form an “alternative” political movement. The “dirtbag left” is an example of this. The Alt-Right claimed that it was the ‘real’ subversive movement in American culture (making them the REAL ‘liberals’) but this reinvigorated Left has been essentially  telling them that they’re offering the same shit platter that the Right (and neoliberals) have always offered. While they’re typically irreligious or atheist, the Alt-Right still favors a traditionalist culture (traditional roles for men and women, anti-minorities, etc). How the fuck is that subversive? So I assumed that the kids grew up, people moved on to other things, and everyone finally saw through the Alt-Right nonsense.

Then Kanye West gave an endorsement to one of its members. So who knows where the fuck this thing will go?

Angela Nagle reflects on the history of Alt-Right subculture with her book Kill All Normies. I saw the headwaters of this shit during the 2000s.

In those days, there was Maddox and The Greatest Page in the Universe. That sort of anti-PC humor evolved into Tucker Max, Dick Masterson, and others. As the decade rolled on, along came the “New Atheists”, particularly Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris. None of these guys could be considered “Alt-Right” today, or even political, but they did embody this confrontational, anti-PC behavior that would have been appealing to white, bored, suburban youths surfing the internet.

How do you think I found about these guys?

But there is another component that contributed to this growing, angry, white, youth movement: the “seduction” community….aka the “pick-up” artists.

I believe that Mike Cernovich was one of these assholes. Roosh V is another one. Now the “pick up community” has a stank on it due to its association with the “men’s rights movement”. But in the late 2000s, it presented itself as self-help.

There were ALL kinds of these guys. If you were a woman in the late 2000s, you couldn’t check the mail without being hit on by one of them. But there was one guy that was king of them all, and whose name has been nearly erased from the history books:

David DeAngelo.

If you check his Twitter and YouTube channel, almost no one comments. He only has 10,000 followers. I (PROBABLY) HAD 10,000 followers during my Twitter days. I guess he got married and is now out of the community. But DAMN, this guy was a man amongst boys.

From a sociological perspective, you can’t understand the era of “pick-up artists” without understanding DeAngelo. He understood his followers. He knew that they were all pathetic sacks of shit and couldn’t get laid. I was one of them. And he peddled out CD after CD, newsletter after newsletter, that provided us information on how to talk to women. The internet rendered every male useless in those days when it came to dealing with the opposite sex. DeAngelo provided a light forward better than anyone.

Was his stuff sexist? Of course it was!

DeAngelo’s big thing was that YOU, the man, was choosing HER…not the other way around.  It was the man asserting himself to appear more attractive to a potential mate. That’s still a big part of his philosophy. A recent meme from Twitter stated this:

“When you first meet a woman, everything you do needs to communicate that YOU are the selector…that YOU are the one who is deciding if she is up to your standards, not the other way around.”-David DeAngelo

Of course that reads horribly. An asshole could read that and easily forget that getting into a relationship and sexual intercourse is a MUTUAL decision. But under this language, DeAngelo is trying to appeal to his audience by restoring his sense of power….that it’s THE MAN that gets to choose. I don’t know if DeAngelo was purposely using misogynist language, I mean, he could have EASILY gotten away with that in the 2000s. But in one of his newsletters, a follower asked him when it would be appropriate to drop the “alpha male” facade now that he’s got himself a hot girlfriend. DeAngelo told him that he had to “earn the right to be himself.”

I quit following DeAngelo after that.

It’s obvious now that the man was a complete psychopath. But these were innocent times. We didn’t understand the dangerous political implications that DeAngelo and his ilk were peddling. We just wanted the courage to talk to women.

I doubt that DeAngelo thought he was making any sort of statement. He was just trying to make a buck off pathetic losers like me. But he taught men to not be themselves, to adopt this “alpha” outlook, to be an asshole….that women are one-dimensional and are only attracted to douchebags. As a result, his message unwittingly contributed to the idiotic political movement we have today.

The internet might’ve forgotten about David DeAngelo. But I haven’t.

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