Good Riddance “Let’s Get Sober!”


Not long after quitting Kant and getting laid off, I started another podcast/blog called Let’s Get Sober.

What was it about?

My bullshit thoughts on sobriety.

I have now put that site out of its misery and will be slowly integrating those posts onto this site.

“But why, Wes? If it’s all bullshit, why bother?”

As someone accused me in the comments section: I’m a “bullshit artist”. It’s true that there are many “lost” episodes of Kant that I refuse to share here. But those were simply idiotic. Not bullshit. I have no problem with being a “bullshit artist”. That accusation is correct in regards to my work on Let’s Get Sober.

For every episode that I recorded, I was probably drunk or severely hungover. It’s all nonsense. I was trying to re-invent the wheel.

So why share it?

It’s a perfect example of denial. I was in complete and utter denial. I was blowing smoke up your ass. I was blowing smoke up my OWN ass. So I don’t see Let’s Get Sober as some “unique” perspective that I had…it’s performance art…namely the “bullshit” kind.

This is what alcoholism looks like:

What was I talking about?

I honestly don’t know. But it’s interesting for me to listen to this stuff now that some time has passed. I can now enjoy it for what it is…bullshit art that I excel at.

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