Angela Nagle: What the Right Understood That the Left Didn’t


The quality of my writing has decreased the last several days.

I’m aware and I respect your opinion regarding that.

But I’ve been distracted. You see, I’ve been doing research. As you are aware, I’ve spent the last half decade drunk off my mind. I’ve missed a lot of things. Notably the internet subculture wars.

So I’ve spent the weekend immersed in these engagements. I know that’s a road to nowhere. But for me, petty and obscure rivalries are the spice of life.

Strangely, it’s in these asinine arguments online that we find the battlefront for our cultural and political wars. It’s every bit as ridiculous as you can imagine. That might be the point, if there is one. Like I said before, the internet provides an insight into the noumenal reality of human behavior. Through it, we might catch a glimpse into how non-humans perceive us. It’s quite terrifying. Yet one can only win this war IF they embrace the meaninglessness…to not take oneself seriously…to become a troll. That’s what the Left didn’t understand in 2016 and what the Right, strangely, DID.

This is why we have Donald Trump as President. This is why neoliberalism is finding itself isolated and under attack by both the Right and Far-Left.

Am I making sense?

I actually didn’t want to write anything today. I was just going to post this video below, an interview with Angela Nagle, that would explain all of this shit:


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