How To Know If You’re A Horrible Person (Part II)

I spent too much time being an internet gangster last night. I was too busy channeling my inner grey wolf as explained here by Will Menaker:

So I didn’t have time to think of something original. Thankfully Jordan Peterson was on Bill Maher last night, so it was the meeting of the two assholes. If you’re a horrible person, last night was historic.

But how can you know if you’re a horrible person? Be sure to check out Part I for more information regarding this. Grey Wolf forever mother fuckers.

Here’s a continuation of that list:

  • Have a goatee
  • Tom Hardy
  • Look like Tom Hardy
  • Have the name ‘Tom’
  • Doesn’t think Frasier is funny
  • Call yourself an Internet gangsta
  • Use shampoo
  • Drive Nissans
  • Doesn’t claim your farts
  • Enjoys camping
  • Doesn’t use sidewalks
  • Read self-help books
  • Has Las Vegas as their favorite vacation spot
  • A wino
  • Only drinks beer from micro-breweries
  • Only drinks cheap beer
  • Has a back tattoo
  • Called Ben Shapiro a genius
  • Drinks beer
  • Went to Syracuse
  • Has a blog
  • Troll people on the internet
  • Never trolled people on the internet
  • Been on a cruise
  • Loves Tom Cruise
  • Is Ted Cruz
  • Taken the MBTI numerous times
  • Takes the MBTI seriously
  • INTJ
  • INFJ
  • Doesn’t pick up your dog’s shit
  • Constantly does work on their car
  • Seriously dude, just buy a new car
  • Practices ‘Gorilla Mindset’
  • Practices ‘Inner Grey Wolf’
  • Hates Kevin Costner
  • Loves Kevin Costner
  • A failed stand-up comedian
  • A failed stand-up comedian that’s turned to politics
  • A failed stand-up comedian that’s published a book and has their own YouTube channel
  • Kevin D. Williamson

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