“Low Road”: Chapter 11


Low Road was a novel that I completed a few years ago. The only one I’ve ever written. It was a mess and I’ve been trimming it down to make it presentable.

This is another REALLY short chapter. There were a few twists, turns, and unnecessary bullshit that I took out. This was the result.

Recap: The 24-year-old addict and scumbag Rod Townshend is living as a “servant” to Jeanne, a vice-president of a bank, at her home along with her unemployed son, Philip, and his girlfriend Angel. While Jeanne’s away on a business trip, Rod and Angel throw a party at her house.

Chapter 11

Angel’s friends arrived early. One guy wore a man-bun. Another guy brought a guitar. A few girls also showed up. Didn’t know any of them.

One guy talked shit about Jack Schilling.

“You know that he’s going to be here tonight. Are you going to say that to him?”, I asked.

I hated this crowd.

They all got high. I stuck to beer. Jack was nowhere to be found. Phillip kept to himself. Angel and I mingled.

The party was quite depressing. Then the doorbell rang. It was Jeremy. He gave me a hug. I took his bottle of tequila. It was just what I needed.

Then the doorbell rang again.

It was Jack and Sandy: celebrity couple.

He was wearing a leather jacket and ray-bans. He looked like Tom Cruise. Sandy looked like a super model in her blue heels. Jack was carrying a bottle of Jack Daniels.
I pulled Sandy aside.

“I’m surprised that you’re here. Taryn didn’t invite you to the bonfire?”

“What bonfire? She’s at the casino tonight.”

Meanwhile, I see Angel standing alone. I can see that she’s disappointed with Phillip.

“Are you doing alright?”, I ask.

“Philip’s being a shitwad again. He’s not talking to anybody.”

“Fuck him. He’ll be fine.”

Angel and I returned to the crowd. I’d periodically look over to Phillip. A woman finally sat next to him. I quit paying attention after that.

Jack went to the front yard and puked. People then began leaving. Sandy was pretty fucked up as well. I guided Jack and Sandy into Jeanne’s room. It was only Angel and I left. Phillip presumably disappeared into his bedroom. We sat down on the couch. She turned on a movie.

“Do you want anything from the kitchen?” I asked.


She grabbed a blanket and threw it over our laps. I tried to focus on the movie. Angel then laid down with her head pressed up against me. No big deal, I thought. Then she placed her head on my lap and began rubbing my leg. I placed my hand on her side. Then she felt up my cock.

I didn’t want to piss off Phillip, but it was too late. We moved on to the bedroom.

The next morning, Jack busted into my room buck-ass naked. He instructed me to meet him at his place in a few hours. Angel was nowhere to be found.

After Sandy and Jack left, I began to frantically search for her. I peeked into Phillip’s room. Phillip wasn’t alone. Joining him asleep under the covers were Jeremy and a mystery girl.

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