Start the Revolution Without Me!


First off, apologies. I wrote this at work and people kept bothering me. Blame them.

Look, I’m tired and out of ideas, okay?

Since we’ve got a deranged President going up against another deranged world leader, I better say this before it’s too late and we’re all dead from nuclear radiation. For the record, I want to make this clear for when aliens come to a post-apocalyptic Earth and attempt to make sense of what were once human beings.

I don’t want them to get me wrong.

But some people think that I celebrate ancient mankind. Like I believe in the Noble Savage bullshit. That couldn’t be farther from the truth…

Sure, I might’ve called myself a “skeptic of progress”, but to clarify that further…I believe that suffering is hardwired into humanity. No time is a good time to be alive. There was no glorious era in human history. It’s all shit.

I’ve mentioned the metaphor of humans fucking themselves over by eating the “fruit of knowledge” and becoming aware of our suffering. I might’ve also said, tongue in cheek, that “ignorance is bliss”. But what should we do? Go back to the caves and pretend that civilization never happened?

That’s nonsense.

And that wouldn’t be an improvement. Pre-historic humans were pieces of shit. I’m sure a caveman would rather live today with our dope-ass iPhones and memes. Or maybe not. It’s all hypothetical. We’ll never fucking know. Perhaps the caveman would also find our social inhibitions complete bullshit. It doesn’t matter.

Every era from history was shit. Every historical figure was a douchebag. God knows I love Socrates, but he was an asshole. They all were. Think of your favorite historical person. Fuck that person!

“So is progress possible?”

Progress for whom? Did someone have to lose for someone else to win? How’s that progress?

Has there ever been progress? In short, yes. Progress isn’t technological, I’m especially skeptical in that regard. Technology only sets the parameters for modern life. It doesn’t necessarily make it “better”. Is it longevity of life? We might be living longer, but what does it matter if we’re plagued by health issues and chained down by  low-waged, mind-numbing jobs?

So where has progress been made? In short…I don’t know. But I can guess: probably in everyday concepts that we take for granted. Concepts like love, charity, rights, and so on. We’re just too stupid to realize that that’s progress.

It’s in this realm of ideas that this “progress” occurs. It’s the revolution of the mind. That’s the true revolution.

Revolution and progress aren’t brought about through material and political force entirely. It isn’t entirely about convincing people to see things your way. It starts by looking at yourself and saying “this is the person I am”.

I’d like to say we need a “spiritual” revolution, but I’m not referring to anything supernatural. This is why I say we need to become “philosophers” as opposed to “Christian”, “Buddhist”, or follow any orthodox reasoning.

“You say you want a revolution, well”…it starts with yourself. Then we can concern ourselves with the political and material…THEN we have to think about the day AFTER the revolution. That mentality can’t last forever. When we start with the destruction, to quote Jordan Peterson “you can count me out BUCKO!”

Start the revolution without me!

Now enjoy this Alex Jones video:

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