Why I Hate My Life, Philosophy, and Jordan Peterson

To be absolutely 100% transparent, I am only posting this to continue my campaign of using Jordan Peterson’s name to boost viewership.

People eat this bullshit up and I will continue to ride this horse for as long as possible.

Unfortunately I watched the video above. It made me ask myself something: do I hate philosophy? And the answer is yes. Undoubtedly.

That’s unfortunate because I run a philosophy blog. At least in name only. What the fuck does it mean to be a philosopher anymore?

The fuckin internet has turned philosophical discourse into who can prove who’s the smartest. It doesn’t mean anything. There’s no self reflection. There’s no consideration as to how we can be better people…how we can be better people to each other. Instead it’s about argumentation…being smarter than the guy in front of you…about WINNING.

And that’s all that knowledge and theories and convoluted definitions are good for…for winning bullshit nerd arguments. Perhaps philosophy has always been that way. But the internet has shown us what we really are: narcissistic dorks that aren’t out to prove anything…except that we’re smart.

As a result, we get Jordan Peterson.

So perhaps I should give a little bit more respect to Peterson. He’s the intellect we deserve…a guy that embodies this horseshit Pseudo-Nietzscheian angst that all internet “philosophers” carry (to include myself). So I despise Peterson because I despise myself: we’re both charlatans arguing into the wind because we want to be right!

Except Peterson has an audience.

But in all seriousness, the guy on the video pointed something out that I’ve been too afraid to say because I don’t want to sound like a dumbass (although I’ve admitted to being a dumbass numerous times): Peterson uses a lot postmodernism to prove his points even though he hates postmodernism.

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