The Road to Nowhere


Sometimes I hate this blog.

Most days, I just want to pack it in. Say “fuck writing”.

I keep reminding myself of this story…of the time where I advised a guy to avoid grad school because he already had his dream job. Why add the stress? It didn’t do me any good.

But I’m a hypocrite. I don’t follow my advice.

It’s been awhile since I’ve bitched about my career. Unfortunately, I have a job that I like. I took down the post ‘The Ubermensch and the Anti-Man’. It was a bullshit post. I needed something to complain about, so I aimed my complaint at some poor co-worker. Is he an asshole? Sure. But I’m an asshole. You’re an asshole. My neighbor’s an asshole. Your dog’s an asshole. Dealing with assholes is a part of life. My coworker is hardly a problem. Many times he’s cool….just like all the other assholes we know. So I ran into a problem: I have a career. Which led to an even BIGGER problem: I have a career I enjoy.

Sometimes I miss bitching. Half of my blog was dedicated towards attacking careerism. How could humanity commit themselves to that? Am I a slave? Can I not tell when life is good?

What can I write about now?

Today I say “fuck writing! I have a REAL job now!”

I’ll see you tomorrow.


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