“Low Road”: Chapter 4


As a reminder, Low Road was a book-sized draft that I wrote three years ago. I have been editing the shit out of it.

I’ve edited it so much, that it’s now just a short story.

“So it’s basically about one guy’s drunken sexual adventures?”, you might be thinking.

Well…not entirely…

Chapter 4

Come Thursday, I returned home. While driving home, I tried to think of something to say to Sean to explain my disappearance. I pulled up into the driveway. Sean still had not left for work.

“Well hello Rod! I was about to send the police out for you.”

“Thanks for the concern”, I replied.

Sean didn’t seem to be too pissed. I went directly into my room. Sean followed me back there.

“I’m gonna need some rent money.”

I reach into my wallet to get the $200 that Jeanne gave me.

“Damn! Have you been killing it at poker?”

“No, I’ve got something else on the side.”

Since he had his money, he didn’t give a shit. He took it and left me alone.

I spent the day hammering out what few papers I had left. I chugged back coffee with some whiskey. After I completed the work, I thought about calling my Dad. I probably hadn’t have spoken to him in a month. I could have moved to Little Rock and made a real living. The drunker I got, that decision started to make sense. But I called Dad. I was going to say hi and respectfully decline his offer.

He wanted me to help manage a construction site

It didn’t make much but it was more money than what I was making now. I thought about it for a second. Then another. My father was a generous man. I nearly accepted just so I wouldn’t have disappoint him.

I told him I was going back to school to finish my degree.

But that too was bullshit. Our conversation went stone cold after that. My father was a pretty calm man. He was clearly disappointed, but I couldn’t bring myself to accept that job. I told him to offer it to Sean.

The following day he deposited $400 into my account.

I received a text message from Jeanne. I was too sexed-out. I couldn’t even bring myself to jackoff. But I gave her a call. She gave me directions to a place in Kansas, where there was going to be a small party, about 30 minutes away.

That night, I drove out there. I found the dirt road that leads into a small wooded area. About half a mile down the road, there was a small modern home. It was completely out of place. There were a couple of cars sitting off to the side, one of which was Jeanne’s SUV.

I knocked on the door. Jeanne opened. She was already drunk. Probably high too. I walked into this mess of a house.

She guided me to the living room. There was some music…soft jazz or some shit. In the living room sat a gentleman at the end of the couch. He looked pretty glazed over.

“Rod, this is Jack.”

Jack looked over at me.

“How are you doing man? Sit down.” He said.

I took a seat in a leather recliner. There was some cheap kung-fu movie on the TV. The volume was muted. Jack seemed more interested in the show than whatever was going on in the living room. Was I supposed to know this guy?

“Rod, you’ve read Jack Schilling before right?”, Jeanne asked.

“Who?”, I thought. But then I remembered

Jack fucking Schilling. I was never a fan, but now I was sitting in his living room.

Jack Schilling was a local writer that achieved a degree of fame in the 90s. Now he was just a drunk. It didn’t surprise me that Jeanne knew this guy.

We continued to sit and bullshit for some time. Jack busted out some weed. I got high again. Then I got sleepy. I felt like I was there for hours. It was only 8 o’clock. Jack and Jeanne bantered on. After a while, Jeanne was trying to get shit stirred up.

“Rod and I have been fucking for a little while”, she said.

I was too high to want to deal with this. She started to divulge the details of our sexual activity. Jack remained glazed over.

“Rod’s got a pretty big dick”, she said.

Jack leaned forward to grab his drink off the coffee table. Then Jeanne leaned into him.
“We used to fuck like crazy”, she said.

She leaned back into her seat and spread eagle facing Jack. She began to touch herself. I wanted to leave.

“I want to suck your dick.” She said to Jack.

”Do you want to see?”, she asked me

I gave no reply. I was too high, drunk, and unprepared. Jeanne got up from her seat and knelt down in front of Jack. She slowly unbuttoned his pants. I didn’t know if I should look away or what. I knew that Jeanne angling for a three-way.

I sat in the recliner. My eyes shifted back and forth between the shitty movie and them fucking. Jeanne then removed my pants and Jack took her from behind.

We all moved into the bedroom. I didn’t stay in there for long. Jack and Jeanne kept each other busy. I gathered some of my clothes scattered across the floor. I poured a glass of vodka. I couldn’t believe what just happened. I sat down on the couch where everyone was fucking moments before. I continued to get drunk.

Then I hoped that Jeanne was going to pay me nicely for this.

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