“Low Road”: Chapter 3


Chapter 3

When I woke up, there was some commotion from the living room. Phillip was already playing video games. There were also sounds of sizzling and cracking. Someone was cooking in the kitchen. When I smelled the coffee, it was time to get up. It was a little after 7.

If Phillip was there, I knew Angel was there.

I didn’t bother putting a shirt on. I didn’t have the nicest body, had a pretty hairy gut I might add, but I was still trying to impress Angel.

“Good morning”, I said.” Nice running into you again.”
“Good morning!” Angel replied. I was hoping that she would check me out, but she didn’t seem all that impressed. “Would you like any coffee?” she asked
“Sure. Is Jeanne still around?”
“She’s probably still getting ready. She has to be at work by 8.”

It dawned on me that it was Tuesday morning. I don’t know how late we stayed up. Undoubtedly Jeanne was hungover. I chatted with Angel for a while. I even helped her cook eggs after I threw a shirt on. Phillip just sat there, oblivious to everything. Then Jeanne comes rushing out and pulls me aside.

“Do you have anything to do today?” She asked.
“Uhhh, well….”
“I want to see you this evening. Do you mind staying here?”
“Well, unless you take me back to the truck, there’s really nothing I can do.”
“I’m really sorry. Look, I’ll pay you for your time. You can use my computer if you need to. Phillip and Angel are really nice, you three are going to get along fine. But I have got to go.”

Jeanne kissed me and rushed out the door. She offered to pay me at least. I didn’t mind being someone’s prostitute.

“So what do you guys do around here?” I asked Angel
“Did she leave you here?”
“Yeah, does she do that to a lot of guys?”
“No. I’m just shocked that she’d do something like that. I could get Phillip to drive you back to wherever you need to go.”

I declined because I wanted to get paid. Besides, Angel was cute. I didn’t mind spending the day with her. As the day went on, I learned more about her. She was older than Phillip and had aspirations to be a writer. I didn’t bother discussing my similar ambitions. She was a smart girl. It made me wonder what she was doing with Phillip.

“He wants to join the Army”, Angel said.
“Why doesn’t he?”
“He wants to wait until summer for basic training. And the recruiters told him that he’ll have to score higher on the ASVAB.”

Phillip was just a fucking puss. Most guys from these parts have military ambitions. And none of them act on it. Judging from the size of his hands, maybe Philip had a huge dick. No matter the case, I found the situation intriguing.

The two just bounced back and forth between Jeanne’s house and Angel’s folks. They didn’t work. Jeanne was all too happy to keep her boy around. After a long conversation, I went to the liquor cabinet. There was everything to choose from. I choose the gin and looked for something to mix it with.

When we ran out of things to talk about, we started watching Phillip play his games. I felt like I was babysitting. Thankfully, my gin and cranberry juice was kicking in. Angel went away for a while, presumably to take a nap. It was just Phillip and me. It was awkward, but Phillip didn’t seem to give a shit.

“Do you have a second controller?” I asked.

He paused the game and began to dig through a box of wires where he found a wireless controller. The game was about some Nazi bullshit. It didn’t matter because I was quickly bored.

“What does your dad do?” I asked
“He lives in Alaska.”
“Are your parents divorced?”
“No. They just don’t talk to each other.”
“What do you want to do in the Army?”
“Be a sniper.”
“Like in this game?”

Angel awoke from her nap and joined us on the couch. She sat between Phillip and me. Her bare feet were pressed up against my leg. However, her attention and affection was directed at Phillip. I went back to the bar. I looked at the clock. It was only a few minutes past noon. I had another five hours stranded here. Angel noticed my mixed drink.

“Can I have a drink of that?” She asked. I handed her the glass.

“Can you make me one of those?”

I mixed her a drink. It didn’t take long for her to get buzzed. She began to laugh at everything I said.

“Phillip, have a drink!” Angel yelled. He appeared slightly tired from sitting on his ass all day.

“I’m okay.” he replied.

Angel and I dicked around in the kitchen while Phillip sat there and observed us. She took a shot of whisky, which she didn’t enjoy. Few of us do. Angel stated her preference for weed over alcohol.

“Do you guys have any weed?” I asked

“Mom keeps some in a medicine bottle.” Philip said.

I went to Jeanne’s room. I found and orange medicine bottle and a glass pipe. I loaded the bowl and lit it up. Eventually we were all in a circle on the floor. Not sure how we got there. By the time Phillip took his hit, I realized I had a problem…I was high.

I sat silently.

Angel and Phillip carried about. They seemed to know what they were doing. I wasn’t good at getting high. After what seemed like eternity, the pipe got back to me. “Have I only taken only one hit?” I thought. Maybe I said that out loud. Time reached a stand-still. I felt detached from the group. I didn’t know what they were talking about.

I got up and went to the bar. I needed to bring myself down from this shitty high. I put some ice into a glass and poured some brown liquid into it.

I looked at the clock. I thought that an hour had passed since I took my first hit. It might’ve only been ten minutes. I sat on the couch and enjoyed some brown liquid. I turned on the TV and didn’t bother changing the channel. I came down from my high twenty minutes later. It felt like an entire afternoon. Angel and Phillip continued to talk amongst themselves. I fell asleep.

When I awoke, it was about five-thirty. Jeanne was home. Angel was drunk and Phillip was probably still high.

Jeanne didn’t appear upset when noticing this. I followed her to her bedroom and she quickly undressed to expose her black bra and underwear. She then handed me a $100 bill.

“Keep it, I smoked your weed.” I said.

She shoved it down my pants and grabbed my crotch.

“I’ve been trying to quit smoking”, she said. “I need something in my mouth. Drop your pants.”

I followed orders and she yanked down my underwear to begin sucking me. I laid down on the bed while she knelt down on the ground. I looked up to the mirror behind her. The black underwear she was wearing was indeed a thong.

When Jeanne was done, she changed into her gym clothes and left the house again.

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