Quick Thought: The Two Paths


My Jordan Peterson posts are strangely my most popular.

I think the guy genuinely doesn’t know what he’s talking about for the most part, and that’s my biggest criticism. But I’m an unabashed Lefty, so he could probably throw the same criticism my way.

And I’m ripping from Chapo Trap House once again, so I apologize, but their producer made an excellent point in comparing the message of Jordan Peterson to say….Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. They both make the appeal to men living boring, uncreative, and unfulfilling lives.

Peterson advocates “slaying the dragons”, conquer your surroundings, and be the MAN over your domain even though we live in a society that no longer values “masculinity”. Queer Eye, on the other hand, attempts to show men a “new” way of living, so that they are no longer caught in the confines of their own boring way of life.

One advocates FIGHTING the new “order”, while the other champions “embracing change”.

Indeed, that’s the dilemma for modern masculinity.


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