Thought of the Day: My Life is Serious. Yours is a Joke.


If you’ve never thought to yourself “I’m such a fucking idiot”, you’re a piece a shit.

Life’s a joke.

If God exists, he’d probably say that he’s fucking with you.

In the last post, I took shots at shitty talk radio. And every talk show host is a jackass to his or her (but mostly his) producer. It’s like you have to have “I’m an asshole” on your resume to get your own show. It makes sense. You’d have to be an egomaniac to want to talk that much. Yet people tune in.

Without exception, every talk radio host is a terrible person.

FUCK IT, let me extend that out to every person that states their opinion on ANY medium. And that includes me!

Would I want to be my own friend? Fuck no!

But I know that my life’s a joke. I make terrible decisions. And my personality leaves a lot to be desired. So what?

The older I get, the less people I want around me. So I become selective. And the first thing I assess is this: how seriously do you take yourself compared to how seriously you take others?

It can’t be balanced and it can’t be tilted towards yourself. You have to take others more seriously than yourself. In other words: you have to hate yourself.

It seems harsh, but it shows me something: you are willing to check YOU before others. It shows humility. It shows empathy. But more importantly….it shows that you’re not a MOTHER FUCKING PSYCHOPATH.

But like I said, I wouldn’t want to be my friend, so do with that information what you will.

But being a white, middle-class, privileged man my entire life, I got to spend a considerable amount of time around white, middle-class, privileged men. Naturally. When you’ve never been told that “you’re a worthless piece of shit that will never amount to anything”, maybe that fuels a superiority/inferiority complex. Or maybe if you HAVE been told that your entire life, then THAT creates a complex. I don’t know what contributes to “alpha male” behavior. But many men want perpetuate this “alpha male” myth due to underlying feelings of inadequacy and/or sociopathic tendencies.

There’s whole YouTube subcultures based on this shit. And surprisingly (or unsurprisingly), none of these guys seem that manly….only non-alphas even seem aware of the concept “alpha male”.

But where these men lack in physicality, they make up for in their self-prescribed “genius”. Which is another automatic disqualifier that I look out for. Only other people can call you a genius…you can’t call yourself that.

Maybe I just don’t have the energy. It’s getting harder for me to pretend, nay…FORCE myself, to believe in my own successes and abilities. Who gives a shit?

I certainly don’t.


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