A Lot of Words. Nothing To Be Said.


I work with all white guys….in a red state. There’s no variance of opinion.

But whatever. It pays the bills.

Yet due to this, I have to be subjected to right-wing radio…which, in all honesty, if I have to subjected to any form of halfassed news media, I’d probably choose that kind…but it’s all a Sophie’s Choice.

I’m not specifically calling out right-wing radio because it’s right-wing…I’m calling it out because I don’t know what they’re trying to say. I suppose I could say the same about a few liberal talking heads, it’s just that I rarely listen to any of those people. My concern is that it’s unclear WHAT exactly listeners are supposed to get out of these kinds of programs.

Is it knowledge?

Knowledge about what? How liberals are stupid and there’s a subliminal leftist conspiracy trying to erode away America?

Is that it? There’s a show dedicated to this problem that airs five times a week…for SEVERAL hours a day?! And if liberals are so oppressive, and successful, in implementing their agenda, how the fuck are they still on the air?

And why would they oppose their “agenda”? Is it just because liberals are whiny and hold these monolithic “Marxist” views which are never explained? What is it about these supposed “Marxist” views do they not like and why should people be persuaded to see things their way?

And strangely, these guys seem to get on to the Left for being so whiny, yet continue to whine about a guy that took a knee during the National Anthem.

This is why I’ve always said that cheap political punditry is more dangerous than pornography: it’s a gripe fest masquerading as intellectual discourse. It reinforces a limited worldview. It allows people to be mentally lazy…it tells them that they’ve achieved enlightenment, all they have to do is listen to the loud man in the box. When people should be thinking for themselves, they’re listening to some guy phone it in every day.

So don’t listen to those guys! Come read my fucking blog!

But seriously, the guys I listen to are the old-school “disciplined” conservatives. Not the new kids you can find on YouTube. These guys still talk about Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton like they were President yesterday. And since nothing new has happened since 2001, all of their talking points are addressing what other “mainstream media” outlets are saying.

So it’s all gossip. “Can you BELIEVE what CNN reported today?!”, “A kid was expelled from school for NOT participating in the anti-gun protests. The mainstream media will not report this!”

But like pornography, these programs are fine in moderation and taken with a grain of salt. It’s when they become a substitute for genuine discussion and rigorous thought that they become a problem.




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