Thought of the Day: Lie To Me


In a study that should shock no one (which you can read about here from the BBC) researchers discovered that ‘false news’ travels faster than truth on the internet. It was something that people have long suspected but now we have empirical evidence to support it’s validity.

It appears that much of the study was centered around Twitter, but it’s probably safe to assume that this is a massive problem across all social media platforms. And again, if you need evidence that literally nothing good comes from using Twitter, here it is.

Part of the appeal to ‘false news’, as the researchers indicated, is that it is more ‘novel’ than genuine news. But I’d like to add that false news confirms the bullshittery of our beliefs…and actual news is all to easy to dismiss in the Internet Age. Just go ask Ben Shapiro who will probably dismiss this study as a conspiracy against conservatives.  Which, in fairness to Shapiro, does lead to the question of how we DEFINE truth. But I suppose that false news is more than just ‘novel’, it fuels our sense of indignant outrage…as if we’ve been vindicated in our beliefs.

ACTUAL news, or facts we can think of them, don’t care about our feelings…as the great (I’m joking) Ben Shapiro likes to remind us…so we in turn don’t care about it.

Social media allows us to wallow in our tiny cocoon of beliefs, at least if we use it as our main source of information. It’s the blanket of ignorance that keeps us warm. Since false news gets more views…and more views equal more revenue…then absolutely nothing will be done it.

So as I’ve warned before, and I will continue to do so: just say no to social media.

Or just say no to Twitter at least.

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