A Waste of a Perfectly Good Religion


“Get Saved and forget.”

That was seemingly the main takeaway from my religious education.

I had a high school teacher explain that he didn’t care about his physical health because life on this earth didn’t matter. For me, it’s through this attitude towards human existence that I find Christianity lacking.

Of course, Christians are commanded “the Great Commission”…to spread the Word to all peoples…but to do so is not necessary for Salvation, or entrance into heaven. In short, there is little transformative effect for Christians because present life doesn’t matter.

I suppose if we look at Christian orthodoxy in general, we find that physical existence is a mistake. Adam and Eve fucked it all up and Jesus Christ had to clean up the mess. But it’s through this material reality that we find sin. Our souls (which is presumably distinct from our physical selves) are captured in this reality and the only way to liberate it is salvation through Jesus Christ.

Spirituality is fairly simple Christian mythology.

Because Salvation is relatively easy to obtain (and can’t be lost) Christians are permitted to forget the troubles that existence often presents. They’re going to Heaven, what more do they need to concern themselves with? Living in the South/Midwest, this might partially explain why I meet countless people with Divinity degrees from Liberty University yet engage in racist discussions and vote sexual predators into office. Salvation “protects” them…permits them to be a shitty person because what happens here on earth is not their problem.

This is a problem that has infected the entire West. Our Judeo-Christian “values” don’t require us to be better people…to become all inclusive in our understanding of each other…because the world is essentially a terrible place. A place that will eventually burn. So why bother?

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