Thought of the Day: Quality of Life


In Truck Driving school, a fellow student began to curse the homeless begging on the side of the street.

“There’s two percent unemployment! How can these people not find jobs?!” he said.

I don’t know if he’s right. I don’t really care either. At that exact moment in time, I actually envied the homeless because I didn’t really want to be in that truck OR in truck driving school altogether. People might be back to work…I suppose wages might be up as well…but are those good indicators of quality of life?

If the average person is maintaining 40 hours a week, then yes, we could argue that quality of life is going up. But in America, quality of life is seemingly decreasing…more adults are dying of drug-related causes than automobile accidents and life expectancy is declining. (Always fact-check my claims, by the way.)

We might be back to work, but so what?

If we’re stressed the fuck out, can’t pay the bills, and the kids are always sick, has life gotten better?

We might as well be the homeless guy wearing the bad toupee and camouflage pants on the side of the road!

But I love how we blame the homeless for all of our problems. Somehow, a certain sect of the American public convinced themselves that the homeless are the source of all our economic shortcomings. They’d rather blame them than those that really have the power.

Don’t give money to the homeless, you say? (Because they supposedly make more money per hour than the working man. Which, how the fuck would they know how much a homeless person makes?) I don’t care, they can swindle me out of my money all day…corporations do it all the time and on a MUCH larger scale.

But people hate the homeless because they aren’t “abiding by the rules”: they aren’t paying taxes, they don’t have a job, a mortgage, or otherwise lack the normal responsibilities the rest of us have. They just stand on the road and siphon money from the working people.

When put that way, it sounds like they have it figured out and the rest of us are idiots.

Are there some preying on the good intentions of others? (Again, so what?) Absolutely. But it’s idiotic to assume that because you know of ONE person that has done that, that the ENTIRE homeless population is doing that as well. But I see so much vitriol in people’s eyes, almost a sense of glee, when they discuss homelessness.

What we don’t see is the addiction…the broken families…the broken minds.

Don’t give money to the homeless?

Whatever makes you feel better about your shitty job and overwhelming debt.

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