The Truth About Right and Wrong


To really accept a side in modern political discourse means to accept a grand state of deniability. In fact, that’s probably true throughout history. Nevertheless, it’s disappointing.

Here in the United States, which is seeing an upheaval with its custom Right-Left dynamics, it is especially painful to engage in any sort of movement or read any news publication. “Nobody is right, if everybody’s wrong”, as Dusty Springfield explained to us. Although I have traditionally aligned with the Left, that increasingly gets harder to do with each passing moment.

The Left is still tied down by its neoliberal chains. Even the so-called “Democratic Socialist” movement that sprang up in the wake of Bernie Sanders is having trouble escaping this. Its concerns lie primarily with mainstream liberal appeal rather than working class unification. Its members consist of coffee house hipsters from top-tier universities and liberal arts colleges that may well experience hardships of the millennial generation, but they hardly understand the lower and working class people that they claim to be fighting for. It’s difficult to take their position seriously when they really don’t take their OWN position seriously.

But this is par for the course within the bleeding heart Left. The real transformation is occurring on the Right.

In my last post, I criticized Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro (the two “philosophers” on the Right, although what they’re doing is hardly philosophy) for disguising the fact that they are basically nerds that are upset because everyone wants to violate Western “Canon”. Remember how Star Wars nerds were so PISSED when the Last Jedi came out and it supposedly tried to “kill” everything that they loved about Star Wars? It’s the same argument for Peterson and Shapiro, only they’re expanding that argument to include EVERYTHING. That’s, in part, how they became famous…they argued that because science has confirmed that there are only TWO sexes (established “canon”), that our brains and society should continue to uphold strict adherence to the “two sexes” rule, otherwise everything we do flies in the face of established “fact”, and traditional meaning breaks down to the point where anything can mean anything, and we can’t engage in typical political discourse, etc, etc. To Peterson and Shapiro, we have to have these meanings, and these meanings have to be emanating from somewhere….specifically a metaphysical (or “supernatural”) universality. They CANNOT handle that our minds, and our minds alone, create meaning and this meaning does not hold any metaphysical or supernatural significance, but is simply a normal cognitive process of establishing ORDER (as an evolutionary function) that is found in not only humans, but animals as well (and this sense of ORDER can become oppressive to traditionally non-conforming elements in society, especially if its enacted on a political scale, which is what postmodernism is essentially warning against and what Jordan Peterson didn’t understand). That’s basically my criticism in a nutshell.

So in many ways, traditional conservativism and liberalism hasn’t changed at all. HOWEVER, the Right has been the side that’s asking questions. The Left meanwhile, has little understanding of why it does anything. This explains why Ben Shapiro can go onto any network (although he strangely prefers college campuses) and win any debate because he understands this odd lack of intellectual curiosity occurring on the Left. The Liberal MO is seemingly to pound the table and yell INEQUALITY and accuse any of its detractors of bigotry. That might be effective to a point, but it will quickly fall apart if the person pounding the table doesn’t understand why he or she is doing it. All Shapiro has to do is throw out a few “facts” out there and watch you get flustered. I believe that Dennis Prager (another Conservative columnist) has picked up on this. The Left, specifically the white, cultured, educated Left, (think Mark Ruffalo) will jump onto any “feel good” movement, calls those they disagree with “bigots”, and not welcome any sort of questioning…either from themselves or others. People are beginning to see right through that. Despite the fact that everyone, both the Left and the Right, hate Donald Trump (the Right simply sees him as their “useful idiot”), the Right has quietly scored some points within the intelligentsia LARGELY because the Left has failed to take a critical look at itself (thanks to feel-good liberalism).

Leftism has seemingly become an insular ideology, one that has reached the air of self-congratulations. Journalism, academia, and those that populate liberal circles often praise themselves and the important role that they serve within society. Universities have become strongholds of Leftism, providing its students a cocoon to shield them from the dangers of real-world problems. Meanwhile, the working class see the Left embrace this form of elitism (especially when they brush of any sort of questioning from their opponents) and fail to see how their ideas are supposed to help them. As a result, the working class has become divided, and instead of attempting to unite them, the Left leans into its own bravado allowing division, racism, and bigotry to fester: all qualities that they supposedly wants to eliminate.

This infamously generated a confederation of disgruntled young, mostly male, and mostly white individuals to rush the internet and troll the liberal busy bodies that can find injustice in a bouquet of flowers. Some the “intellectuals” that champion these trolls, to include Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro, hold disdain towards their own audience (such a conversion, if I can recall correctly, was held in the YouTube video I previously posted). What these trolls fail to understand is that they are essentially fighting against the same elitist “matrix” that the SJWs are combating (if they were smart enough to understand that). This matrix (for a lack of a better description) would rather see the non-elites divided than united. The internet trolls, the working class, the social justice warriors, and Twitter Heroes are all essentially on the same side but because we’re stuck in this postmodern ignorance, we see each other as the enemy.

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