Creating a Better World (Part II): Apologies to David French

But before I “get back on track”, there’s a few things I gotta do.

I have to close out a couple of my multiple-part series, one of which is “Creating a Better World.” In Part II, I need to make things right: I have to apologize to David French.

French and myself have rarely agreed on anything. I’ve talked shit about the National Review editor both here and elsewhere. But I believe his heart to be in the right place, and he proves that with one of his most recent articles titled What if American Life Expectancy Declined Again and the Elite Cared More About Trump’s Tweets.

The opioid crisis is ripping apart America. So much so that it’s having an effect on American life expectancy. We can send loved ones to the best treatment facilities in the world, and that might not save them. What kind of psychological effect does this have on a society? Not only is this “life-destroying”, as French explains, it’s  also “soul-destroying”.

For families going through this, nothing more true has been spoken.

Families are being ripped apart. Friends are disappearing. Neighborhoods are shattered.

There is a demon tormenting American life. It’s too terrifying to face directly. Instead of addressing it, we’ve decided to find refuge in trivial matters: Trump’s tweets, video games, and really, REALLY hating each other (for example).

These distractions aren’t the root of the problem, they’re mere symptoms of a disease that’s affecting American life. Lazy thinking might lead one to believe that I might call this disease “capitalism”. But, to me, capitalism isn’t a disease. It’s a religion that worships the “invisible hand” that guides the markets. Some are blessed that practice certain virtues that are deemed valuable to the “hand”, but many others aren’t. And this disease was born out of this religion.

Unlike most, I don’t find religion or capitalism to bad things in themselves. But, like all good things, eventually they get spoiled.

This is all really secondary to the larger point I want to make, which I’ll explain in Part III. Unfortunately, I’m a slave to capitalism like everyone else so there’s only so much time in the day. But, finally, I’m going to give David French some credit.

And I’m done talking about him.

(FYI, I’m still trying to correct my halfassed artwork)



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