Getting Back on Track

I was writing a post about the possibility of an Oprah presidency, and I began to weep at the idea of Trump vs Oprah in 2020. I created a list of candidates that could ideally fit Oprah’s cabinet which included JJ Watt for Defense Secretary and the disco group Lipps Inc. for Secretary of Energy.

Then I thought: “why am I doing this?”. Was this something that I wanting to be writing about? Was this why I created this blog?

I created this thing for a specific purpose: to discuss philosophy. It’s been months since I’ve been on Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, as an example. You can go anywhere on the internet and find nonsense articles about that kind of crap. I wanted to rise above that. I didn’t want any of this to be divisive. Maybe I’d tell a fart joke every now and then, but I wanted this to be an exploration of philosophical topics and how they possibly apply to issues we face today.

I took a detour in recent months and never returned.

Now I’m changing that.Perhaps I need to establish a “bible ” if you will, to help me stay on track. Set up a few guidelines so I can avoid going out of my way to piss people off. Things like:

  • Staying away from current events. This ain’t a news site. I ain’t a journo. Go to Yahoo! If you want that shit.
  • Not being so aggressive with my language. I sometimes give people the wrong impression with the words I choose. Mind you, I still have the intention to use every mother shit ass fucking swear word given to us. But I’m not an angry person!
  • Use my anger management skills. Life’s too short to be angry at everything under the sun.

Things like that.

One thing that’s clear when looking on the internet: everyone hates each other. I don’t want to contribute to that.

And one more thing…

I’m sort of over this halfassed artwork. So I’m going to change that as well if I can get a few seconds free.

It’s a new day for this blog.

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