Thought of the Day: The Defense of Swear Words

I drove for over six hours today. So there’s a lot more that I’d like to say regarding this topic, but I’m just too damn tired.

But it helped me realize one thing about myself: holy fuck do I love to curse!



That’s my favorite word.

I take pleasure in few things in life.  Looking at cat videos is one of them. Swearing, especially saying “shit”, is another one.

It’s even satisfying getting to type it.

“But WHY, Wes, why must thou curse so much?”

Because it’s fucking cool.

“Aren’t you concerned about your audience?”

Why? What’s wrong with them?

I don’t think swear words get the respect they deserve. “It’s potty language” they say. Both the deeply religious and even the artsy fartsy seem to recoil at their use.

But they’re more than just sounds…they’re true representations of what is going on inside of you.

For example, let’s say you walk in on your butler boinking your wife. Your natural reaction might be something like “what the fuck?!”. If you censor yourself by saying “might I inquire as to the nature of what is occurring here?”, you are shielding your own emotions, not only to your wife and the transgressor, but to yourself as well.

In such situations, a swear word would be warranted. Anything less  would lead to questions regarding your emotional development and comprehension of the situation.

In my view, no-no words like “ass”, “shit”, “fuck”, “cock”, “bitch”, and others are true representations of our rawest emotions. Let’s say a girl you meet wants to make coitus with you…badly. (If you read this blog, that will never happen to you. But just play along with me). How would you know the degree of her arousal? If she asked “Hello, I would like to have sex with you. Would you like to have sex with me?”, clearly she’s indicating that she wants some of that dong, but have the depths of her arousal been fully expressed?

What if she said “I want you to rip away my panties and shove that hard cock into my pussy”? Which one do you think is a better expression of her desires?

“Surely, Wes, there’s a cleaner way to express one’s desires.” You might say.

Yes yes…I suppose

But if the woman censored herself by saying “I want you to remove my underwear and insert your erect penis into my vagina”, that would take away the sense of urgency that this woman is feeling in regards to your wang.

“I mean, she could still EXPRESS her desire for sex by neither utilizing the “no-no” language you were referring to or reducing everything down to its scientific terminology”.

So she could use “slang” terminology, albeit in a cleaner form that doesn’t use the “no-no” language and STILL provide an accurate representation of her desire for sex?


So she could say something like, “I want you to remove my panties and shove your hard PETER into my HOOHAH”, and STILL maintain a true representation of her emotions…EVEN THOUGH the language running through her head is the “no no” kind?

Self-censorship is not ACCURATE representation. The only TRUE and ACCURATE statement that woman could make in order to express her desires is “I want you to rip my panties off and shove your hard cock into my pussy”.

There’s no way around it!

Sex, or as I should say: the desire to FUCK, involves raw and often conflicting emotions. By labeling something a “no no” word adds an intensity to it that it becomes an applicable word for intense of raw situations. It signifies that you mean business when used. When these emotions are felt: anger, sexual arousal, fear, overjoy…ONLY swear words can adequately convey the depths of these sensations because of how the “words” have been sanctioned by the public.

“But if they’re overused, couldn’t that limit their intensity?” You might ask.

Well, until they invent better swear words, I’ll continue to use the standard ones.

“They’re just so juvinile, Wes. Shouldn’t you be striving to be better than that? Isn’t it a little childish to purposely try to offend your audience?”

Juvinile? Absolutely.

But which one’s more childish:

Using a lot of swear words? Or not being adult enough handle them?

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