Q&A: Meet Wes Michael


So I was sitting up one night, thinking of ways to grow my blog when somehow it hit me: Do some Q&A!

I thought it was such a stupid idea that I thought it would work. So I sat down with an interviewer for a few questions.

Here’s what happened:

How old are you?

Too young to remember but old enough to know better.

Describe your physical appearance.

A face you might find on a Roman statue with the physique of David Bowie.

Who were your childhood heroes?

Donald Sutherland

What was your favorite book as a kid?

The works of John Updike

Why did you start blogging?

Because my two podcasts failed and I was unemployed.

Being a philosophy blog, how would you summarize your own philosophy?

Give up. Always take the easy way out.

What do you believe is the biggest error people make when engaging in philosophical discourse?

Too much data. Fuck numbers, you know?

Has anyone in your life made an impact in regards to your philosophical thought?


What are the words you hope to be remembered by?

Always wear underwear

What advice do you have for those that wish to pursue philosophy?

Don’t try so hard. You’re gonna die anyway.

Thank you, Mr. Michael

You’re welcome

And that concluded our interview! I hope you gained some insight into this genius, yet tortured mind, of Wes Michael.

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