The War is Far From Over

Look, I’m tired of talking about “Trumpism” as much as the next guy. But I just can’t stop thinking about it! My apologies, and I’m going to try to keep this post short.


I guess we can congratulate Democrats for winning in a state that they’ve traditionally struggled in. Unlike the Virginia and New Jersey elections, this one felt like it was earned.

But Doug Jones needed to run against an alleged pedophile in order to win. Had he of lost that election, Democrats would have easily found blame in Alabama’s electorate rather than point the fingers at themselves. I mean, which one would have been more sad: the fact that Alabamans elected a pedophile, or Democrats LOST to a pedophile. Nevertheless, disaster was averted and the Dems won where they should have won.

But one talking point that’s already annoying me is that “voters are finally turning against Trumpism”. First off, it just got here. And secondly, apparently it’s clear that many still don’t understand Trumpism. Remember when that infamous Billy Bush surfaced? That seemed like a much more dire situation than the current one, yet Trump delivered one of the surprising upsets in US election history.

His strategy is simple: attack attack attack! But because the playbook is stupidly predictable, we can make almost exact predictions of how Trump will handle the Moore loss. He could blow it off. “Moore was a loser anyway”. He could challenge the election results. “There was clear tampering in Alabama”. And if the allegations of sexual misconduct start challenging his Presidency, then he can declare war on North Korea. In fact, I think that last example is more likely than what people want to realize.

But Trumpism is an -ism. It’s bigger than one man. The Trump presidency can go down in flames, but his supporters will remain.

What about them?

The biggest issue to address regarding Trumpism isn’t Trump. It’s what comes in his wake. It’s the generation he inspired. We might think that our current POTUS is bad, that may just be the beginning.

Additionally, let’s not let their current successes obscure a major concern: the Democrats are still charisma and conviction deficient. The best asset that Doug Jones had was that he wasn’t Roy Moore. But what does it mean to be a Democrat? Does anyone know?

What the Democratic Party wants to ignore is that, I’d say quietly, there’s a liberal insurrection on their side as well. Although they hate this term, and rightfully so, there is an “alt-Left” that has grown tired of the DNC. Specifically those that favor the Democratic-Socialist party, which has been a growing organization since the Bernie Sanders campaign. Many have come to believe that the TRUE enemy of liberalism is not the GOP, but the DNC that produces one lackluster candidate after another.

The Right upended their establishment, I presume the Left will follow….especially if they drop the ball again in the midterms or in 2020.

And this is the DNC, so anything is possible.

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