Thought of the Day: Liberal Vindication

It’s been a good week.

I’ve once again been proven correct with my last Star Trek Discovery post. But more importantly, someone wrote an article that nearly made me fall out of my seat.

I even took a picture of it with my iPhone (which I’d like to show but is taking too much time to download)

(You can read the article here.)

Finally, nearly a year after the 2016 Presidential Elections, somebody finally came around to my line of thinking.

Centuries from now, when children are learning about the last Presidential election, here’s what they’ll read:

After 8 years with feelings (feelings being a key word) of disenfranchisement under a President Barack Obama, Republicans and middle-class white voters flocked to Donald Trump who seemingly vindicated their sense of isolation and paranoia. Democrats, meanwhile riding high on the success of President Obama, mostly failed to address the very real problem of a dwindling middle-class, which ultimately allowed Trump to exploit and pervert genuine economic concerns. This leads to the rise of the openly racist Alt-Right movement, which blamed minorities and identity politics for causing the problems in the US rather than lowering wages, rising costs of higher education, and host of other concerns. Bernie Sanders, while running as a Democrat, attempted to draw attention to class and the failings of capitalism by invoking democratic-socialism and this proves to be somewhat popular. However, the Democratic Party undermined his campaign, choosing instead to run Hilary Clinton, a Democratic Party product that was much friendlier to the establishment.

Although she proved more popular than Trump with the general voting public, the Clinton campaign mismanaged the electoral map which led to the election of Trump. 

Or something like that….

But Hillary Clinton failed to capture the zeitgeist as Obama had done in 2008. That’s an extraordinarily important fact to keep in mind. The general voting public, like myself, saw right through her. We saw her only as a PRODUCT of the DNC…that only hardcore Democrats were buying. Clinton never generated a message that voters could grasp, like Obama did with “Change” and Trump with “Make America Great Again”. The best she could muster was “It’s my turn”.

We can blame racism, sexism, the electoral college, etc, until we’re blue in the face…and they did INDEED play a role…but failure ultimately rests on the Clinton Campaign and the DNC. No amount of “Russian collusion”, “emails”, or other bullshit will change that.

In fact, the DNC should have known something was wrong when Bernie Sanders was giving Clinton a run for her money. All of this bears repeating because the DNC could easily make the same mistake again in 2020 and roll out another bland candidate.

But anyways, as the article points out, there’s a lot of contention among factions on the Left. Some say that the Democrats shouldn’t lean so much on identity politics, while others say that’s a dumb idea. And even more say that the Democrats should return to the basics and start discussing CLASS.

The mistake lies in believe that identity politics and class are exclusive from one another. Of course, US politics doesn’t exist in a world where multiple truths can exist at once. It’s either CLASS OR IDENTITY POLITICS….and they in NO WAY feed into one another. I’m only trying to prevent a race war which all sides seem bent on racing towards.

Unfortunately this is the United States…any mention of “class” invokes images of “Marxism”, “Communism”, and “Socialism”. Heaven forbid. Although I believe this tide to be turning, as evidenced by Bernie Sanders’ campaign, “Occupy Wall Street”, etc. But this failure to discuss class has led to the rise of identity politics and the inability of white working-class voters to understand it….and this leaves them vulnerable to being exploited for racist intentions.

While many might laugh at stupid white uneducated people blaming Mexicans, homosexuals, and other minorities for their problems…believing that they’re only being exploited for what they are….what good is this doing? Doesn’t this feeling of vindication run counter-intuitive to the social liberal project? Is there a secret admiration for Trump because he validates the disdain that liberals feel towards uneducated whites? Of course, it takes two to come to an agreement, but as a hardcore Lefty, I hold my side to higher standards.

If the various members of identity politics are to achieve their objectives, then in my view, there has to be a better understanding of class. The message would become easier to grasp for all parties, in that everyone would understand that they’re all being exploited and divided for the purposes of the ruling class. It’s a hell of a lot better than driving each other towards the precipice of racial warfare.

Our religious-like devotion to capitalism has obviously caused us to have an aversion to any talk of class division. This has filtered down to American Leftism as well. Out of fear of being labeled a “Marxist” or “Socialist”, the Dems have failed in their messaging. And we all hate each other because of it.

Rep. Tim Ryan said it best:

“The unifying theme for all those different groups is economics. The working class people-black, white, brown, gay, straight-don’t see Democrats as a party that’s out there fighting for them.”

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