Thought of the Day: The NFL Protests and Returning to Philosophy

I’m a football nerd.

I’m trying to enjoy the sport before it’s outlawed or people quit watching it due to overexposure or boycott.

And truthfully, I haven’t really given two thoughts towards this “kneeling” thing. It was interesting while Colin Kaepernick was doing it. He was actually talking about police brutality. Now everyone’s doing it, and nobody knows why.

I mean, I could be wrong. But has anybody actually talked about police brutality or a criminal justice system that biased against African-Americans in regards to the NFL protest?

Is it to protest Trump? Who gives a shit what that guy thinks? Hasn’t the Left learned that the guy is just a troll? The more attention you pay to him, the stronger he gets. The man is President and he still only cares about ratings and retweets. Continue to look his way whenever he says something stupid, and he’ll just mobilize his massive followers to victory in 2020.

So for once in your life, follow the best advice the internet has ever provided: don’t feed the troll.

The only way that this protest makes any sense is if players are pissed off that Matt Cassel has a job and Kaepernick doesn’t. And that is a protest I can get behind. But if this thing is going to continue, let’s keep our eye on the ball (get it?) and talk about the subjects that really matter: criminal justice reform, mass incarceration, and police bias against Black Lives.

I mean, again, I could be wrong….but wasn’t that what Kaepernick’s protest was about? That seems to have been lost somewhere in the shuffle.

But I won’t beat a dead horse here. Enough has been said about it from sportscasters, pundits, and others. To me, it doesn’t really mean anything if you’re only doing it to give a big FU to some idiot….and NOT doing it to bring light to important issues. Now, it’s only a drama hour to boost Trump’s ratings…as evidenced by sending Mike Pence to a game, only to have him walk out of it!

What a waste of an (already unimportant) office!

But I digress…

Engaging in this cheap Trump drama hour can only damage the intellect. I’ve mentioned previously that I felt politics have a far more damaging impact on society than pornography. Under a President Trump, this problem has been only made worse. So I gotta move on…

I’ve been slowly returning to health. Since getting out of rehab, I’ve been such a busy body….working long hours, engaging in outside projects….that I’ve neglected the intellectual integrity of this blog. I’ve been rereading some of the old My Life With Kant stuff and old posts. And a lot of that stuff was really out there. I miss that.

So it’s time that I make a return.

I’ve talked shit about Ancient Greek philosophy before. For no particular reason, I was just too lazy to read it. But now I’m going to reassess that outlook.

So it’s time to pound the books and dig through the Stanford Internet Encyclopedia because philosophy is back (in a few days).



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