Daily Thought: Modern Music

I’m slowly trying to ease back into writing. Since I don’t have the time  to write detailed and coherent posts everyday, I’ve constructed this “daily thought” thing where I write as much as I can on my iPhone about a particular subject.            Plus, I don’t know how to create separate paragraphs and I’m too lazy to learn. So this post will like shit. I make no apologies. But as I was driving around in my new hometown, I was listening to the classic rock station and thinking “this is one bitching classic rock station”. It should be obvious from my post on drummers that I listen to mostly the oldies. And it still surprises me that the millennial generation is engaged in the classic era. Personally, I think this to be a failure of modern popular music. In Houston, I had an intense discussion with both the young and the old. We seemed to agree that what we all wanted to hear in music is a degree of “craftmenship”. While we all listened to current pop music in varying degrees, “craftmenship” was decidedly missing. This doesn’t mean that TALENT is missing. Musicians haven’t changed, the industry has changed. The industry isn’t so much about showcasing talent as they are about producing pop-friendly hits. To be “pop-friendly”, one doesn’t necessarily have to be talented as long as they are marketable. Talent can be made up for through a computer. Now, arguably this practice has been going on for a long time. But the reason why there has been a high degree of discontent with modern music among millennials is because of the flooding of comparatively mediocre talent on the airwaves. That talent additionally gets drowned out by synthetic melodies, a computer generated drum beat, and overbearing bass. The music therefore becomes sterile. And this might partially explain how the music of the Beatles onward has had a lasting impact. The age of the Internet, as glorious as it’s been, has caused us to be disconnected from not only each other, but from ourselves. Our everyday lives have been flooded by artificial noise, and we reach out to anything that might sound halfway genuine. Either that, or I’m just an old fart.

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